Xanadu Life 

We had such an amazing time in Santa Monica @ Xanadu this past weekend! Beautiful place to meet new people & local businesses! This past weekend we attended an event called “Xanadu Life” This was located on the “Santa Monica” Peir. Yogis buy tickets to these events to connect with new people & experience something different. And let me tell you this event is sure to be different… do you want to know the cool part about this event! Everyone does yoga with head phones on to drown out all distractions. The only thing you can here is the Djs amazing music and the peaceful instructors voice. We were in love. Not to mention the class was on the Santa Monica Pier, so you felt like you were in a different world. Savasan was so peaceful. After class students stayed to hang out and shop, and take in the Beautiful space that surrounded them. I was so happy to be able to showcase my line in such an amazing way. Can’t wait for the next Xanadu Event! Go check out there IG @Xanadulife & look for feature events, you’ll be sure to see me & my line there. 


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